MobileNet provides Short Message Service (SMS) gateways using both SIM card and Short Message Service Centre (SMSC) connections.

Our gateways are equipped with their very own SMTP connectors that accept and convert email alerts from any device that sends out alerts via emails today, including Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS), SNMP-enabled hardware, network-monitoring devices and firewalls.

Why be notified about power failures or network failures in your mission-critical networks via emails when you can send out the same alerts via SMS today? With scammers posing as banks or even government offices today to cheat people of their money, your customers may be wary when they receive an SMS from either a 5-digit or 8-digit number.

MobileNet’s SMS gateways allow you to broadcast SMS messages with your company’s name reflected as the sender. Your customers can then be assured that the messages are from your company.
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